Follow the Building-Brick Road: Building Flexible and Complex Layouts using Nested Elements

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    Backend Room
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    Sunday, Oct 15 - 12:00 to 12:40

In this session I will share our experience of building the website in D8 and details about the approaches we had during the process, to ensure a unique website experience, a good content strategy and flexible content building experience. The items I will talk about are:

  • Introduction into the project. Share basic concepts for content building (every page is a node, paragraphs should be used, website should be flexible)

  • Setting the ground - Defining Paragraphs & creating specs

  • Getting to work
    • Variable layouts of pages
    • Paragraph everything (views, blocks, entity queues, forms)
      • Variable layout of Paragraphs
      • Nesting of Paragraphs
      • Content Queues as Paragraphs