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Just this once, I *had* to make a mega-menu. So, how could I make it less awful?

On a project where the Drupal 6 (& vBulletin & custom Perl & even MovableType!) website had to stay there until it is all migrated, we had to find a way of making a responsive website in Drupal 8 that worked well on mobile yet looked essentially the same on desktop browsers.

Even down to the incredibly verbose mega-menu... I will be looking at the journey we took, finding out how we could store the content for the mega-menu, and how we could display it in a way that didn't totally destroy performance on mobile.

Drupal 8 non standard cooking: REST API + Solr + Domains + Angular

This speech will be focused on non standard practices for Drupal sites 'cooking'. The main aspects of the speech are:

Page building with Apache Solr data storage, REST API on the back-end side and Angular JS on the front-end side.

How to handle Solr data storage via REST API:

- Referenced entities

- Responsive images

- Menus and site settings

- Cache and it's invalidation

- Access and permissions

- 403 & 404 exceptions


Search results based on REST response: filters, facets and sorting.

Better dependency management - leverage composer to the limit

Drush make days are over. Drupal in its effort to “get off the island” has adopted a new but popular tool for dependency management in the PHP ecosystem: composer.

I will quickly go through the basics of how to use this tool and some interesting features like caching, semantic versioning, class autoloading, etc.

Then I will folllow with the main ways I found to leverage composer and do more with it:

Multilevel Drupal Teams or Whom to fire first?

The session will be about challenges in multi-level Drupal teams, which include Juniors, Mid and Seniors at the same time.  I will sketch some paths and add Drupal milestones that I used to evaluate when a person has grown or it's interests have changed, thus offer it more challenging tasks. I will speak about my experience and the teachings that I took from it, also will involve the audience in order to have more points of view on the topic.

Cache in Drupal 8

The session will be about Cache API and how it is used in Drupal 8. Cache is an important part of the development process. Everybody uses cache, but not everybody is able to manage it. Let’s have a look at what a cache is and how you can use it for your site on Drupal 8.

Outstanding themes in Drupal 8

After a year of developing themes for Drupal 8, I had some skills which I would like to share. Mainly:

  • I'll tell you how to create a simple markup using the BEM methodology, which is easy to use for Styleguide and Drupal 8 at the same time.

  • I'll show you how to use responsive grid in Drupal Views and how to create a layout wrapper for Bricks or Paragraphs.

OOP Preprocesses using Plugin API

Drupal 8 introduced lots of fancy principles and API's, one of them is Plugin API that is commonly used for various purposes. Plugins allow users create a block, field type, field formatter or even an image style by just adding a PHP class in the right place. Isn't it the magic of Drupal that we love? Unfortunatelly not all components are handled the same way and one of them are proceprocesses that haven't changed since Drupal 7 (or earlier). I will share an alternative way to organize preprocesses for some common entity types and make them trully Drupal 8 way.