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A ghost of a profitable fixed cost project. The truth is out there.

As an agency, we're working a lot with Fixed Cost projects, where the budget is not just limited, it's a small one. Usually, the scope of work is also limited and it should be delivered within a tight deadline. Many of those projects turn to nightmares. 

Being a small agency means that it's impossible to throw more people into a project and close all gaps with an extra pair of hands. You just don't have those. But how to deliver Drupal fixed cost projects and not starve to death?

In my sessions I will cover the following topics: 

The Modern Project Management Toolkit

Have you ever wondered what tools do PMs use? Or if the tools you are using are the best for fulfilling the purpose? Join a session where I will share the experience from our company and knowledge of the best tools available to ease your PM job and get you to the result faster. We will discuss about tools used for:

  • Roadmapping tools

  • Task Management

    • Defining the tasks

    • Managing the tasks

  • Communication

  • File Sharing & Versioning

  • Gathering Testing feedback

Follow the Building-Brick Road: Building Flexible and Complex Layouts using Nested Elements

In this session I will share our experience of building the website in D8 and details about the approaches we had during the process, to ensure a unique website experience, a good content strategy and flexible content building experience. The items I will talk about are:

  • Introduction into the project. Share basic concepts for content building (every page is a node, paragraphs should be used, website should be flexible)

  • Setting the ground - Defining Paragraphs & creating specs


Everyone love Drupal. Also, everyone want to write 100% working code. And to be sure that your code still working you need to test it. For continuos process you need to test it automatically, because in other case you will have not time to write your code.

This presentation is about using tools for automated testing. Mostly it's overview for newcomers, but many experienced developer still not using auto tests (or tests at all). I'm going to change it.


Link to the source code of the demo of the presentation is at Slides Link, or here.

React makes it painless to create interactive UIs. Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.

So you're a Team Lead. What's next?

At some point in your career, you showed exceptional skills, knowledge and good project attitude, so you took the Team Lead position.

Now that you have a different role in your LinkedIn profile, the question is what you should do in this new position, what tools to use and how is it different from being a developer.

I will try to help you with some non-tech suggestions, tools, and concepts you can use in your day-to-day work. I've worked as a developer, pm, team lead and department head, and have come up with a couple of rules and tools that helped me a lot.

Everyday leadership or a story about finding your way

Everyday leadership is not about changing the world each minute, it is a combination of self-understanding and acting upon your values in a daily life. It is having the clear answer on the question: what do you stand for?

Knowing your leadership stand helps you live a bright and purposeful life, surround yourself with like-minded people and succeed in what you truly love doing. I know that usually we don’t have time to think about such things but they are important. And this session is your opportunity to take your time and get a tangible result.