October 26, 2017 10:30 pm

Thank you for attending Moldcamp 2017

Moldcamp 2017, the third Drupal Camp ever in Moldova, is over. We are sad it happened so quickly, but on the other hand, we are happy to have organized a successful, jolly, beautiful 2-days event that brought our Drupal community together once again.

Moldcamp 2017 was a result of a hard-work and a lot of commitment from the Drupal Moldova Association team, and huge support from our sponsors, partners, supporters, and volunteers. This post is a thank you note to all those who supported us and believed in our initiative.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters:

Moldcamp 2017 would not have happened without the critical support of our beloved sponsors. We are proud to have had them on our side in our venture.

Supporters: USAID and the Government of Sweden.

General Partner: Tekwill.

Gold Sponsors: FFW and Adyax.

Bronze Sponsor: Noction.

Community Sponsor: ATIC, intellix, HR- Consulting.

Thanks to our partners:

It is always inspiring to see businesses related/ unrelated to IT support initiatives such as Moldcamp. We are grateful to our local and foreign partners who helped us out with accommodation for our foreign guests, space for our event, media promotion, coffee, and much more. Our thanks go to Business & Spa Hotel OLSI 4, Regency Hotel, Zentrum Apartments (Accommodation discounts), iHUB (Code Sprint space), # diez (media promotion), IT Moldova (media promotion), Tucano Coffee (coffee break), 6n Wines (wine break), Smokehouse (After- Party).

Thanks to our inspiring speakers:

Obviously, it won't make sense to organize a camp without Speakers! therefore, we would like personally to extend our gratitude and thanks to all the 21 speakers from different parts of the world (Moldova, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Spain) who contributed in making this camp a success, by sharing their experience and inspiring the local community.

Thanks to our team: 

Moldcamp 2017, wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and determination of Drupal Moldova Association team.

Moldcamp'17 Stats: 

As usual, Moldcamp is full of different and exciting activities, here are some numbers recorded at the Drupal Camp in Moldcamp:

  • 80 attendees from Moldova, Ukraine; United Kingdom, Spain, USA.
  • CxO dinner: 
  • 1 Code Sprint;
  • 6 Sponsors;
  • 3 General Partners;
  • 9 Partners
  • 21 Speakers;
  • 26 Presentations;
  • 15 Contributing Volunteers
  • 40 bottles of wine;
  • Tones of coffees; a whole lotta fun.

Final Note:

We have learned many valuable lessons from the 3rd Moldcamp edition, and we have confirmed that what makes Drupal special as an Open Source Technology is the community, Drupal is full of people ready to share their experience and help each other, we are all part of one family ''Drupal Family'' and we are always glad to support, contribute and make an impact.

Therefore, being active within our Drupal Community brings us inspiration, helps us succeed in business and helps us find our way in life. Participating in our local community helps us fulfill our need for a purpose.

After Moldcamp, the community became even more united and active, and those who still did not get in touch with us, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Greet and meet the members of the Drupal  Community.
  • Join Drupal and Open Source related events, locally and Internationally.
  • Be a speaker at our next events and camps.
  • Share your challenges and ask for help if needed, we are sure everyone will be happy to help!
  • Organize local events.
  • Volunteer and become active in the community events.


- We are boosted to strive for more and continue on developing the community here in Moldova, we have a great potential and it is time to make our country shine in the Map.

- To get more information about our next initiatives, keep following us on our social media accounts:

Facebook; TwitterWebsite.

Check out more photos here.

Check out the After Movie.


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