July 30, 2017 2:44 pm

Moldcamp'17 is happening soon!

Exciting news, the third edition of Moldcamp 2017 is going to happen!

The Drupal Moldova Association, with the support of USAID and the Government of Sweden, is organizing Moldcamp 2017, the event will be held on 14-15 Oct and hosted by Tekwill.

The camp aims to gather over 170 Drupal enthusiasts from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and other European countries under one roof to focus on knowledge sharing and Drupal community growth.

The purpose of this event is to enhance Drupal 8 expertise among Drupal developers, engage the community and foster new partnerships, expand the knowledge and introduce Drupal 8 to people.

It is an event where people and companies showcase the projects they have done, share knowledge on how technologies, projects, solutions work. Inspire each other, share a passion for their work. Network, find coding bodies (for pair-programming). Find co-founders for startups. Find connections, network, find new jobs (freelance or companies).

During the camp, we will have more than 25 different and exciting Sessions and workshops presented by Local and International experts, code sprint networking events. As well as a code-sprint session, and parties!

Moldcamp 2017 will generally hold the following tracks:

  •  Drupal 8 advanced sessions;
  • Drupal 8 beginners session;
  • Drupal 8 related workshops;
  • IT related workshops;
  • Productivity and entrepreneurial topics and many other exciting sessions;

Join the brightest minds in Drupal for a two day Drupal Camp which will bring together Drupal developers, businesses, users and those interested in learning more about Drupal.

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