September 1, 2017 5:27 pm

Jeppe's Testimonail (Speaker at Moldcamp15)

''I attended Moldcamp 2015 as a keynote speaker, sponsor, speaker, and participant. It was a huge pleasure and I still sometimes look back at the event as something positive for numerous reasons. First of all the organizers had managed to put together both lots of interesting talks both in English, Moldavian and Russian, so us international participants actually also could get to hear about all the awesome things happening in the Moldavian Drupal community. Secondly, they had drawn a load of great people too, and I had the pleasure of meeting, learning from, networking and partying with a lot of very exciting people. Thirdly I was taken great care of as a participant and as a contributor, I felt very welcome and always knew where to go and who to meet. Finally, there was lots of great social occasions both parties, but also for networking or getting to know how to contribute to Drupal. I would recommend anybody to visit Chisinau and Moldcamp, whether they have an interest in the Moldavian open source community or in Drupal in general. ''

Jeppe Bergmann Hamming, at the time Head of CMS at Peytz & Co, now Head of Research and CRM at Nørgård Mikkelsen.

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