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The Modern Project Management Toolkit

Have you ever wondered what tools do PMs use? Or if the tools you are using are the best for fulfilling the purpose? Join a session where I will share the experience from our company and knowledge of the best tools available to ease your PM job and get you to the result faster. We will discuss about tools used for:

  • Roadmapping tools

  • Task Management

    • Defining the tasks

    • Managing the tasks

  • Communication

  • File Sharing & Versioning

  • Gathering Testing feedback

Follow the Building-Brick Road: Building Flexible and Complex Layouts using Nested Elements

In this session I will share our experience of building the website in D8 and details about the approaches we had during the process, to ensure a unique website experience, a good content strategy and flexible content building experience. The items I will talk about are:

  • Introduction into the project. Share basic concepts for content building (every page is a node, paragraphs should be used, website should be flexible)

  • Setting the ground - Defining Paragraphs & creating specs

Outstanding themes in Drupal 8

After a year of developing themes for Drupal 8, I had some skills which I would like to share. Mainly:

  • I'll tell you how to create a simple markup using the BEM methodology, which is easy to use for Styleguide and Drupal 8 at the same time.

  • I'll show you how to use responsive grid in Drupal Views and how to create a layout wrapper for Bricks or Paragraphs.

OOP Preprocesses using Plugin API

Drupal 8 introduced lots of fancy principles and API's, one of them is Plugin API that is commonly used for various purposes. Plugins allow users create a block, field type, field formatter or even an image style by just adding a PHP class in the right place. Isn't it the magic of Drupal that we love? Unfortunatelly not all components are handled the same way and one of them are proceprocesses that haven't changed since Drupal 7 (or earlier). I will share an alternative way to organize preprocesses for some common entity types and make them trully Drupal 8 way.