May 5, 2015 11:19 pm

Code Sprint

Moldcamp 2015 brings a small surprise, the Code Sprint.

The Code Sprint will take place at Chisinau’s creative space, Generator Hub, on the 29th of May at 19:00.


Code Sprints is where Drupal developers come together to work on improving Drupal, correcting core and module errors, and learn how to contribute the community, under the guidance of experienced team-leaders. The Moldcamp Code Sprint will give you the opportunity to make Drupal a better platform, contribute to the development of the community, improve your profile, engage in teamwork, make friends, and have fun.



When / Where / What?

On 29th of May (19:00) in just a couple of days, at the Generator Hub we'll join our powers in solving Drupal community issues, contributing back to the community, together with some snacks and support from our mentors.

Access is FREE - just please put a correct RSVP (if you said that you're going - you better be there!)

For who?

Anyone who has any interest in Drupal and Code. Either you're a beginner, intermediate or an expert, either you're in Front-End, Back-End, Translator, Tester, Project Manager - basically anyone can help. If you never dealt with Issue Queues and you're a beginner with that - we'll have a session that will cover everything in details, step by step.

Can you help me with some issues in my module?

Yes, but you'll have to go through your issues and include them here (until 27th of May).

Who'll help us out, who's supporting the event?

Thanks to our Diamond Sponsor - IP Group - the event takes place. They offer support for the Sprint. There will be several mentors available for all the difficulty levels.

I want to be a mentor and help you out guys!

Great! Then write us a message ASAP!


Come and join us. The Facebook event has already landed right here! Please leave your RSVP on Facebook.

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